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  1. This is Episode 34 of Beyond Midnight

    “A writer staying at a widow’s house finds himself the unwitting vehicle for her dead husband to reach back from the grave.”

    About the Series:
    This series was written by Michael McCabe and was produced in South Africa. It was a replacement for another series McCabe produced, called SF68. That series adapted famous Sci-fi stories to radio, and it seems to have been the place where McCabe honed his craft. The subject matter to Beyond Midnight was more horror oriented, including madness, murder, and supernatural sleuths! What survives today doesn’t involve a horror host per se, but a few include framing narration (by someone involved in the plot) while others just start up the story with no announcer or lead-in whatsoever. So it’s possible the regular host or announcer was left off (edited out) of the recordings. The host– if there was one– may have only been heard by those who listened to this series when it first aired. It’s another radio mystery we may never know for sure, but we’re lucky to at least have some of the recordings! There are 43 known episodes, of which the recordings of 27 have survived. Other logs indicate 107 episodes were made, of which only eight are unknown or not available. The logged air dates suggest the series ran an extra year as well, into 1970.

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