1. Hey,

    Thanks for finally getting some stuff up after about a week. I was worried about you but guess you were busy or chained to the bed post. Anyway,

    The Radio mystery T was fun, though I have heard them some months back. But it was enough time to enjoy again. However, I found the Devil’s Cavaern to be either a short version or a complete rip off of “I’ll Die Laughing”. Actually it is kind of fun to see how many of these stories beg, borrow and steal from each other. But it is fun. Thanks so much for your efforts. it often makes my day,k or should I say my evening.


  2. I don’t follow you, I haven’t gone a whole week without posting new shows in years! There’s usually at least one new show out every day.

    The Strange Dr. Weird featured, like The Sealed Book, variations on scripts from The Mysterious Traveler.

  3. Perhaps I can shed some light onto this situation that will solve the mystery. Robert A Arthur wrote radio scripts for all three shows. The Strange Dr. Weird and the Mysterious Traveler both starred Maurice Tauplin. Arthur and David Kogan co-authored scripts for the Sealed Book and the Mysterious Traveler. The Strange Dr. Weird was an abbrieviated version (15 minutes) of the Mysterious Traveler, and did contain scripts that may already had been done for the Sealed Book. Radio dramas using this kind of inbreeding produced some ver-r-r-y strange results.

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