RR165: You Are There and Bold Venture


This week we begin with You Are There, and The Hanging Of Captain Kidd from December 19, 1948.  Then it’s Believe It Or Not and Worlds Richest Heiress.  Bogart and Bacall bring us Bold Venture to close out this show, and an episode titled Sailors Dead Husband.




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  1. You are There: the hanging of Captain Kid

    this is an excruciating comment of the current judicial system of this USA in which we live. The truth of this story is painful and sickening, for it is more common today, OR as common today as it was in this story. With the “commentators” back and forth from point to point just magnifies the truth and terror of out so called “fine justice system”. Believe me, I am proud to be a citizen of this country, but I am not proud of the crap vomited up by our lawyers and politicians. Oh, did I mention? also our fine citizens. This made me feel sick. So it is a story. What the heck? It’s is the truth, in reality, of people. Don’t mean to be negative, but the real truth, the sickening truth is most people are AFRAID to tell the truth. How many innocent people have died and will die because of this?

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