1. All 3 delightful stories on

    Jim, I am unable to change anything. So, what of it? Bottom line, I have to wonder if you make it so????

    Anyway, this was an all right story/show, I know I heard it many moons ago, but it was still good. The good shows are always worth listening, after a while.
    By the way, The Spider is good, I would enjoy it again if you put it up.


    PS A truly wierd one is “The Revolt of the Words”. WIERD. DISGUSTING AND FUN. On the other hand, Maybe you should put up “The Outsider”. Now that one is just awesome. And the script is easily found. It may be about my very favorite of all. It is so visual. Oh my word, SO VISUAL.

  2. I’ve been an AI researcher since 1984, and this is one of my favorite radio plays. An excellent story, well told, and still something that AI researchers take quite seriously! Thanks for posting this.

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