H247: Wear The Dead Mans Coat by Quiet Please


Quiet, Please took to the air June 8, 1947 and united friends Wyllis Cooper (writer), and Ernest Chappell (announcer/actor) for what some call the best horror and science fiction series from radio’s golden age.  We’ll hear Wear The Dead Man’s Coat, which first aired February 23, 1948.





  1. Steven John Bosch on

    I am a fan of Wyllis Cooper and “Quiet, Please.”

    I was delighted when I brought a script over to a Halloween party with a group of actors from another “Quiet, Please” called “Don’t Tell Me About Halloween.” We did without a run through and I was delighted when everyone, none of them had heard of Cooper or “Quiet, Please” before. It was a lot of fun and they liked it.

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