H302: The Man In The Mirror by Macabre


David wrote in asking to hear something that aired over the Armed Forces Network.  Well, Macabre not only aired over it, but was also produced by it.  Here’s The Man In The Mirror, which first aired November 13, 1961.

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  1. I find this show creepy, just plain creepy. I guess I have listened to it twice over the last two years and thus, tried again tonight. But I just couldn’t go through to the end, because it is disgustingly creepy. It was certainly failure of the clock turned back an hour to give this man the life he wanted. The idiot was so self focused that he didn’t ask any questions about his so-called “savior”, and he didn’t ask a question “why one week?” It is evil and eerie, that he “bled all night”, that he has a pain on his forward, that it was just pure evil all the way around. Interesting, it is, but too eerie to finish, a third time. However, if you have not heard it, it is relative to listen at least once.. Twice even,, perhaps. I just failed on the third time. Still, thank you Jim for this story. Perhaps i t will proved to start some folks to thinking.

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