RR247: Gunsmoke and I Love Adventure


Gunsmoke begins the show this week with an episode from August 30, 1952 titled The Juniper Tree.  Then it’s Believe It Or Not with Literary Award (I think I read my scribbled writing wrong and said “literacy” instead – no extra charge for the irony).  We close with I Love Adventure, and their episode from July 4, 1948 titled Assignment With A Displaced Person (begins at  31:25).


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  1. As always Jim, you did a good job. Both stories I have heard but both are wonderful and I can listen again and again. I needed this tonight, not feeling so well. I am an old romantic and love stories that end well.

    Both “Believe It or Not” storied were lots of fun. I especially like the image of the old guy buried in a chair with his favorite game board. I think that is proper.

    Thanks very much, and as we approached the turn to 2012, bless you and all in the coming year, and may you prosper.

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