1. You truly won on this one. It was pretty awful but still lots of fun. Oh well, what can I say? You win some, you lose some. All in all you win, and so do I.

    thanks very much for a good, scary story.

  2. Years ago, when I first began collecting OTR programs, I got this program from a collector friend who had his entire collection on reel to reel tape. He had them indexed in a catalogue from which I could choose what I wanted and have it transferred to cassette tape. This took a great of time and I was grateful to him for doing it. I listened to it on a tape recorder at about nine o’clock at night with the lights offf. This gave me the perfect atmosphere as it brought back memories to me as a boy of six. I enjoyed this particular show because it still had the Bromo Seltzer commercial as many of the Inner Sanctum shjows of that period only exist as AFRS recordings. The Lipton Tea sponsored shows exist because Lipton wanted copyright copies. This prolgram is a great show for Halloween parties where everyone sits in the dark and listens to it, preferably on one of those Retro Philco radios from the Thirties that were sold at Walmart years ago. I still have mine, even though I listen to OTR on line.

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