1. I am glad you played this again. I remember last year when you played and one listener what a little nuts about it, but it’s a good zombie story, and fairly close to the truth. True zombies are actually dead but frequently brain damaged from lack of oxygen while in their buried state, as the first actually noted one who was proclaimed dead at the clinic. The poison actually stowed everything to the point that without high tech tests he appeared dead. When “brought back from the grave” they do look pretty bizarre, walk that way and mumble that way.

    there has been recent research on the poison but I haven’t checked out the results. Their poison is deadly to humans. It is said that the poison in one fish can kill up to 1200 adults.

  2. You shouldn’t feel like you have to rebroadcast a story cause it ‘offended’ someone. It’s fiction and the world has become too intolerant to small ‘un pc’ views on a story. This whole political correctness thing is a monster now and it’s infringing on us, who the people think or know, with a modicum of intelligence, when something has gone too far. And this one wasn’t. It’s a story people, told back when people walked a straighter line that what we walk now, hurting people’s delicate uneducated sensibilities.
    You do a fine job introducing these shows, I have collected a lot, and stopped collecting because of all the different ways you can stream from any other source. I enjoy your shows because you seem to pick the best of the best while giving us a variety of shows. Keep up the good work, and I’ll continue to donate monthly.

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