1. Lovecraft had so much to offer had he lived to see his own coming of age.
    From a spiritual occult point of view this story reminds me of the writings of Theosophy . For example the ghoul who has lived for countless incarnations within countless cycles of depravity ,-only to regain consciousness upon the ”Planet of Death” forgetting and losing all memory of the Human Evolution altogether ”His Divine Principles having fled long ago” , never to return.
    Now the Ghoul has withdrawn from all Light coming from the sun, because it brings such sweet memories that can never return.
    Such beings bide their time for countless Eons , only to face complete annihilation . as the ”Planet of Death” enters upon its last cycle and its last ”Round”

  2. I have gone through 12 pages of the Horror now over the weeks, and the telling f this story and the story itself is wonderful..My favorite

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