1. This was just great to hear. I have not listen to this show since it first aired. This story was just some very classic sci-fi.

      • Seems like this will be in theaters later this year as “Geostorm” (terrible name!). Very excited to *see* exactly what could go wrong. Hope they handle the actual plot as well as this show does.

  2. Before even listening to the show, that Mormon ad was great…

    Interesting idea hinted at in the beginning that modifying weather would disrupt the culture of indigenous people. “Eskimos maintain their heritage by wearing whale bone necklaces…” very interesting.

    Wow! The conspiracy minded listeners will very much enjoy this one! The globalist are making this one giant interconnected system just so they can exploit the whole world and grab more power! We gotta stop those HAARP scientist before it’s too late!!

    Now where did I put my tinfoil hat… 😉

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