1. SF123: The Mutant by Exploring Tomorrow. While listening to this show I heared something very very strange, at 15:34 into the show, the Mutant said what sounded like “video star”. Can you clarify if that is in fact what he said? Strange phenomenon itself since that story was produced March 26, 1958 unless the writer was a time traveler.

  2. Sounds like video star to me. I assume he used video in place of television. The word was in use by 1958 when this was recorded. For example, Captain Video and His Video Rangers was a television show that began in 1949. I agree though, it was strange to hear.

    From the Online Etymology Dictionary:
    1935, as visual equivalent of audio, from L. video “I see,” first person singular present indicative of videre “to see” (see vision). Videotape (n.) is from 1953; the verb is 1959, from the noun; videocassette is from 1971; video game is from 1973. Videocassette recorder is from 1971, now usually VCR (also 1971).

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