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  1. What a well-polished production, with a considerable sized cast. My only question is the ending, rather abrupt with some loose ends unanswered, most prominently, his memory of the encounter is wiped but not the preceding: he’s not rendered amnesiac.

    So he’s going to be confused about what to do with the indent-card that he knows has a fake name/ID, and has been provided with no backstory or legend to cover it. They told him the encounter would reside in his unconscious and the details would be unconsciously drawn upon as needed. But nothing of the discussion Freedomites involved the detailed rehearsal needed to spontaneously carry on a deception with all and sundry, impromptu.

    Plus the question of how his new fake ID would fool the system: there would be no record of this individual, no employment contacts, no space-pilot records, etc.

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