I recently received an email from Apple Podcasts stating the following:

Play Apple Podcasts with Alexa

Apple Podcasts is now available on Alexa-enabled Amazon devices in the United States. As a creator, you’ll find this presents an even greater opportunity for listeners to hear your show.

Spread the word on your show or episode promotion channels, and wherever else you communicate with your audience. For example, encourage them to say things like:

  • “Alexa, play [podcast title] on Apple Podcasts”
  • “Alexa, play [podcast title] from yesterday on Apple Podcasts”
  • “Alexa, skip ahead 30 seconds”
  • “Alexa, play the previous episode”

Learn more about how listeners can now play your show with Alexa.

The podcast titles as Apple Podcasts knows them are as follows. I assume punctuation is ignored when verbalizing them.

The Relic Radio Show (old time radio)
The Horror! (Old Time Radio)
Strange Tales (Old Time Radio)
Relic Radio Sci-Fi (old time radio)
Case Closed! (old time radio)
Relic Radio Thrillers (Old Time Radio)
A Legacy Of Laughs
Orson Welles On The Air

Hopefully some of you interested in playing the shows via these devices can get this to work. I tried this on my Kindle Fire, and although I could add Apple Podcasts to Alexa, playback wasn’t supported on that device. So, I couldn’t test this before I shared the information.

I’ll update here if I get any further information.